6 Reasons Why Prefab Modular is a Smarter Fit for Schools

Ararat West Primary School Building

We are in a new age of modular buildings and schools can only benefit from this innovative and efficient method of construction. State of the art, factory manufacture: reduces build times; increases the quality of construction; is more environmentally sustainable; reduces on site work and interference to the school timetable; while offering better health and safety outcomes during the project.

Here are 6 reasons why prefab modular buildings are an effective choice for schools:

1. Faster Build Times

Site preparation at Ararat West Primary School

In a busy school environment where staff and student safety is a priority, a shortened build time is preferable. As most of a modular construction is completed in a factory, site preparation and service installation can occur at the same time. This means project time is significantly reduced and the build is not delayed by weather, site theft or vandalism.

2. Better Quality

We only want the best facilities for our educators and students. Fortunately, the quality controlled, factory manufacturing processes result in superior build quality over traditional methods. Construction is not dependent on the varying skill levels and schedules of independent contractors. Prefabrication uses exact specifications, precision equipment and standardised building procedures to ensure a high quality outcome.

3. Saves Money

For schools, the reduced construction time and greater budget control of prefabricated builds results in immediate financial benefits. In comparison to traditional construction, there are no issues rehousing classes during the project; buildings can be ordered in time for new enrolments; and there is a wide range of flexible, cost effective designs on offer. Factory manufacturing offers significant savings in: management costs, materials loss or wastage: physical workhours; and in the extra school staff workloads associated with a building program.

4. Safer and Healthier

Module delivery and installation at Ararat West Primary School

Modular school building programs offer health and wellbeing benefits for students, staff and the school community. Ninety percent of the construction process occurs in the factory which means we can schedule hazardous site operations within holiday breaks. This minimises both disruptions to the school calendar and delays in on site construction.

5. Environmentally Friendly

In this era of environmental awareness, we look to schools to model best practice. Prefabricated modular construction certainly exemplifies environmentally friendly and sustainable options. Just-in-time supply chain logistics and in-house recycling reduces material waste. Quality controlled factory manufacturing produces more accurate construction with air-tight joints, improved insulation and better energy efficiency.

6. Easy choice for Principals and Business Managers

School leaders embark on building programs for many reasons and prefab constructions can deliver them outstanding results with far less hassle. Whether accommodating for increasing enrolments, catering for an innovative pedagogy, improving student outcomes, facilitating collaborative teaching and learning, meeting strategic objectives or improving staff retention and satisfaction; the ease of organising a modular building program allows the Leadership Team more time to concentrate on their core purpose.

Like to know more?  Follow my next 6 articles which will expand on each of these key advantages of modular construction; or contact me at justin@pretect.com.au. My goal is very simple – better educational outcomes for all Australian students.


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About the Author: An experienced educator and school leader, Justin worked in Victorian metro, regional, government and private schools for over three decades. As Principal, he oversaw numerous school building programs and is now an Education Construction specialist with Pretect Commercial Modular Buildings.