A School Principal’s testimonial.

“Building with Pretect Commercial in 2014 was the easiest school building project I’ve ever done. The Pretect Commercial system eliminates the time delays and disruption to school life of a conventional build; as your individually designed, permanent structure is delivered pre-built. Pretect Commercial’s expertise also covers design, council approvals, site preparation and final fit-out.

Best of all, you deal with the same person for all aspects of the whole project and have considerable time and cost savings compared with a conventional build.

We are already planning our next Pretect Commercial project, knowing that our new classrooms will be here, ready for the students, at the start of the 2016 school year. “

Principal, Holy Rosary School, White Hills.

Catholic Education Sandhurst.

In 2015 we began talking to Pretect about the possibility of using their company to build an Environmental Classroom and Kitchen to support the type of learning we believe to be so valuable for the children in our school. I had seen some other projects that they had been involved in around our district and was impressed with the presentation of their buildings. Once we began talks I also became very impressed with their desire to listen and design the product that was going to suit our needs. They were extremely accommodating in regards to changes in plan as well as providing their own advice and expertise as required. Without doubt, from my perspective, they are the easiest building company to work with that I have experienced in my time in education. I would highly recommend to any school who is thinking of building in the future to talk to Pretect to see what they have to offer.

Craig Simpson, Leader of Pedagogy.

Testimonials for Pretect

  • With Pretect Commercial, you get a permanent building, that’s pre-built in the factory and delivered on-time, ready for the Occupancy Certificate.
  • The Pretect Commercial system results in a permanent building made with the time and cost savings of their pre-built expertise.
  • Pre-building means there is no need to hand over precious play space during the build and eliminates time lost to weather interruptions.
  • Pretect Commercial have their own in-house designer so you work directly with the designer, who is also the builder, leading  to you getting exactly what you want; with significant cost savings.
  • With Pretect Commercial, the pricing is definite because their controlled manufacturing environment eliminates variables such as: weather, materials delivery, site management problems etc.
  • Building with Pretect Commercial, saves time and money as work progresses regardless of site conditions, giving you a definite hand-over date.
  • Pretect Commercial’s design don’t require costly footings or foundations; so there isn’t large, dangerous machinery on-site distracting or attracting young students.