Why Pretect?

Bringing you the best in Commercial Prefab Buildings

Built Fast. Built Forever.

When it comes to construction, our tried-and-tested system ensures your project is completed quickly and with minimal disruption to your site. While some traditional commercial construction companies may appear to have a lower cost per square metre, it’s important to consider all costs and possibilities including site fees, different locations and design changes. Prefabricated commercial buildings have a significantly reduced build time, often resulting in significant savings. Faster construction not only saves you money but also allows you to meet the deadlines/targets you wish to achieve.

Commercial Prefab Buildings are the Easiest Solution

Building with commercial construction companies such as Pretect is the perfect solution as we strive to make the whole process easy for you. There is very little for you to arrange, if anything at all. Our colour consultants even make choosing colours simple and enjoyable. We believe your building experience is one to be enjoyed.

Quality Manufacturing for Low Maintenance, Comfort and Durability

As financing a building project represents one of the most important investments you can make, we ensure our commercial prefab buildings are built to last. By choosing us you are protecting your investment because every Pretect project is engineer designed and constructed to meet the most stringent building codes and regulations.

Our strict supervision leaves nothing to chance. Our aim is to ensure you obtain a quality, low maintenance and comfortable building constructed from only the finest materials. Our design components and construction techniques exceed conventional building standards.

Our highly qualified and experienced staff inspect every detail of craftsmanship and construction, from the structural steel chassis right through to the furnishings. The entire package must pass a series of quality control checks before it leaves the plant.

We Care for the Environment

Pretect is the best choice when it comes to protecting the environment. At our manufacturing plant, we use “green” building materials for our commercial prefab buildings wherever possible. That means minimal waste product thanks to the recycling ability of our factory production line.

We believe timber is the ideal building material as it’s widely available, competitively priced and offers flexibility of design. Unlike steel, timber insulates against heat transmission, does not conduct electricity and does not make the unwelcome noises associated with expansion and contraction.

It is the most environmentally responsible of all building products and is natural, reusable, biodegradable and sustainable. Australian forests and plantations absorb over 43 million tonnes of carbon dioxide every year. By choosing timber you’re helping remove greenhouse gases from our atmosphere, making it Australia’s only carbon-neutral building material.

After your project arrives on site, only a small number of tradesmen need to visit. This reduces the environmental impact on your land. Also, in the initial stages, all building materials are kept under cover to protect your commercial prefab building from the weather and potential vandals.

Commercial Prefab Buildings Are Efficiently Installed with Little Disruption

Unlike many commercial construction companies, almost 95% of the work is completed at our manufacturing plant so there is a lot less disruption to your site. When your project is delivered it is practically complete. Our experienced team will then level and set-up the building in accordance with the structural engineer’s specifications. Lastly, the building is connected to services and any verandahs, decks and awnings are added as per your requirements.

Our Promise to You

Because we are a family owned and operated business, our promise is our word. If we say something, we mean it. When you talk to us you’ll receive genuine personal service. We will work closely with you from design to completion.

There are small details too… like a courtesy pick up from the train station and free tea and coffee when you visit. And we make sure you’re never pushed into making decisions.
Flexibility and Personalised Service…Our Design or Yours

Just because Pretect commercial prefab buildings are constructed at our purpose-built factory, it doesn’t mean you must follow the standard “lookalike” designs of a typical mobile building. Our full range of designs and floor plans are as flexible as they are practical, and can be modified to suit your own individual tastes and requirements.
Unlike many conventional floor plans, our unique designs maximise the available floor area and give the feeling of spacious integrated rooms with high-raked ceilings.

Your colour scheme with laminates, window furnishings, floor coverings, wall finishes, timber finishes and external cladding can be selected from a huge range to give your project a unique touch.