Architect Designed Modular Buildings

Architectural modular building plans

Finally, the architectural and manufacturing revolution of prefabricated construction has laid to rest the notion of cookie-cutter design for temporary relocatables. Led by architects who have embraced manufactured construction technology; our contemporary, permanent modular buildings offer infinite design possibilities; assuring clients of a superior building performance along with the timeframe and environmental benefits achieved within a total quality management process.

Offsite, modular prefabrication offers a shorter project timeframe requiring architects and clients to make their design decisions much earlier in the planning stages. This progression largely frees architects from their traditional project management role and allows them to concentrate on their core expertise of eliciting and refining their client’s brief, then creatively translating that into the construction design. Due to shorter prefab construction times, this has increased the number of projects possible for architects to work on, leading to an evolution of design and improvement in our buildings.

Permanent modular building manufacturers hire architects to design bespoke buildings using prefab construction methods. They can also engage architects to design plans for standard modules which can be replicated in various permutations within custom designs. Design technology and prefab construction methods make switching internal layouts simple, leading to more interesting designs and far more client choice. Additional benefits include: saving time for the client in the design process, providing ongoing royalties for the architect while achieving buildings of a higher quality and design standard at more affordable cost.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of this evolving progression is in the ability of architects to create increasingly complex designs which surpass traditional construction methods. Digital technology is used to virtually develop and refine the complexities before manufacturing the components off site. The seamless onsite assembly of these modular components means we are now seeing buildings which could not have been achieved any other way.

Working closely with a growing collection of like-minded architects, Pretect see no limits to the potential of modular construction. We live by our Director’s mantra that “if you can draw it, we can build it” and our clients are becoming ever more imaginative in the function, form and final design of their projects. Next month’s article will illustrate a recent Pretect project where the combination of refined design processes and ISO-standard prefabrication delivered long-term functionality for a regional school community.


About the Author: An experienced educator and school leader, Justin worked in Victorian metro, regional, government and private schools for over three decades. As Principal, he oversaw numerous school building programs and is now an Education Construction specialist with Pretect Commercial Modular Buildings.