Construction Commences on Impressive New Learning Space for Ararat Primary

Ararat Primary School in Victoria recently gained approval for a $2.5 million expansion contract setting the wheels in motion for construction of an additonal building. As this project is intended to replace multiple learning spaces which were recently destroyed by fire, there are tight deadline requirements for the delivery of the new building. The former building also contained asbestos which means the project falls under the Victorian Government’s Permanent Modular School Building program- an initiative that aims to effectively eliminate asbestos from schools.

The school’s motto “Honour, Service, Truth“ inspired their selection of Pretect as their builder of choice, with all three values ringing true for both parties. The school wanted a building that was customised to suit their specific teaching and learning requirements while also featuring the aesthetic of a permanent building. In addition, it was important that the design was economical and quick to build so as to meet budget and timeline constraints.

Construction of the new building began on the 19th of March 2018 and is currently underway with a scheduled completion date of July 19 2018. Pretect’s impeccable service is reflected in the project, with special additions, innovative design components and specifically requested features being incorporated into the architectural design.

This additional building implements sophisticated, 21st century design elements that will connect well with the style of the existing sections of the school, while at the same time incorporating new features such as impressive decking that makes the most of the local site. Pretect are also complementing the adjoining school buildings by incorporating brick veneer walls into the modular design. This gives a matching sense of permanence and traditional appearance at a fraction of an on-site build’s cost, project duration and level of disruption.