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When St Peter’s Primary School set out to create an environmental garden and classroom they had a vision of building a facility that would house new generations of children who would develop an enhanced knowledge and appreciation of nature and green living.

As a company that manufactures sustainable buildings using environmentally friendly materials and processes, Pretect were a natural choice of builder for this project. In particular, the challenge of building on a sloping site made Pretect an ideal candidate, given an extensive portfolio of building prefabricated structures on a range of terrains. Pretect was also recommended to St Peters based on the quality of results that had been achieved when building for other schools.

Offsite production allowed Pretect to build a large percentage of the project with minimal disruption to the school and avoid the challenging site which would lengthen the construction time. As prefabricated design is a safe and easy solution for sloping sites, Pretect were able to adapt their design to use the gradient of the site to the school’s advantage, incorporating a storage area in the space below the classroom and making sure every inch of potential is used.

The school was particularly pleased with Pretect’s design incorporating highlight windows strategically placed at the North side of the classroom, thereby allowing natural light to flood the classroom and reducing energy costs by helping to regulate the temperature of the building naturally. In addition, the flexibility of prefabricated building design allowed them to make the most out of the available space, creating a classroom with an even larger capacity than the school had hoped for.

This classroom is a true example of the quality and functionality prefabricated construction can deliver on a limited budget, even while retaining a factor of sustainability. As for aesthetic value, the frequent comments of community members regarding the stunning appearance of the classroom and how well it complements surroundings are a testament to just how fantastic the final product is.

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  • The total value of this project was $325,000
  • The environmental classroom includes 177m2 of combined internal space and outdoor space under cover
  • Highlight windows were incorporated on the North side, maximising natural light and keeping the classroom warm in winter and cool in summer
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