High praise for Pretect from James Merlino!

Pretect Commercial Modular Buildings recently received a letter from The Hon James Merlino, Deputy Premier and Minister for Education, in which he said;

“I want to thank Pretect for the significant role it has played in enhancing the learning experience and safety of our school environments. The Government recognises the enormous benefit that modular construction provides; in particular, the short delivery timeframes and minimal disruption to school operations. I want to specifically acknowledge the fast delivery of the new Block B at Ararat West Primary School, a project which supported the community in its recovery from a fire incident in 2017. 

I am also advised that Pretect will soon complete onsite construction works at Cobram Secondary College, an achievement months ahead of the originally scheduled completion date of 31 December 2020. He went on to say:  I am delighted with the news that Pretect is planning to expand its construction capacity and create more jobs by establishing a new manufacturing centre in Bendigo.” 1

Receiving such unsolicited approval gave the Pretect team a few minutes to bask in the appreciation and share the pats-on-the-back but now, later, it’s worth reflecting on what makes Pretect successful and why Modular Prefabrication is so beneficial for school construction projects.

Why does Pretect Commercial Modular Buildings stand out as a company and project partner:

  • Experienced with 25+ years in the industry. Capable and thorough.
  • Understands the educational sector, knows the importance of the educational brief and translates that into a design which facilitates learning and teaching
  • Ensures the client’s needs drive the project, plans and build accordingly, allowing school life to continue as normal
  • Uses innovative prefabrication technologies (like fold-down roofs or concrete slab floors within modules) to build permanent modular buildings of the highest quality
  • Is ISO Accredited for: Environmental Management, Quality Control and OH&S Management
  • Delivers on time and on budget – every time!


Modular prefabrication as a construction methodology is ideally suited for school construction because:

  • Build times are much faster; in-factory and onsite works can happen simultaneously without the delays of weather, supply chain hold-ups or contractor scheduling. This is evident in the Cobram project, called out by the Educational Minister, which was delivered months ahead of schedule.
  • The quality controlled, factory manufacturing process results in a superior build quality over traditional methods. Prefabrication uses exact specifications, precision equipment and standardised building procedures.
  • Factory manufacturing offers significant savings in: time and management costs, materials loss or wastage: physical workhours; and in the extra school staff workloads associated with a building program, which saves schools money.
  • Prefabrication is a safer, more environmentally friendly way to build, models sustainable building practices and saves schools from the OH&S hassles of traditional builds.
  • The ease of organising a modular building program allows the School Leadership Team more time to concentrate on their core purpose.

Check out www.pretect.com.au for more case studies and more information to see why a Pretect modular construction could suit your next school build!


1.     Letter # COR 2051815 by email to Justin Lloyd, Pretect, from The Hon James Merlino, MP Deputy Premier, Minister for Education, Minister for the Coordination of Education and Training: COVID-19. 05.08.2020

About the Author: An experienced educator and school leader, Justin worked in Victorian metro, regional, government and private schools for over three decades. As Principal, he oversaw numerous school building programs and is now an Education Construction specialist with Pretect Commercial Modular Buildings.