Modular Commercial Construction – Our 6 Step Process

  1. Standard design or customised to your requirements

    We will supply a detailed Design Build Proposal (DBP) with architectural drawings of your modular commercial construction, including an external illustration of your new project – working closely with you to ensure all your needs are covered.

  2. The Plans And Approvals Pack (PAAP)

    All you need to get started with your commercial modular building is included in the Plans and Approvals Pack, including council application and approval.

  3. The contract stage

    A legal agreement is organised to construct your modular commercial construction.

  4. Colour selection time

    You choose how you want your new commercial modular building to look with either a pre-designed colour scheme or one of your choice.

  5. The construction stage

    A smooth and efficient building process of your modular commercial construction is guaranteed at our quality-controlled manufacturing plant.

  6. Ready to use!

    Your new commercial modular building is finished fast, so you can make use of it straight away.

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