Prefabricated Construction Advances with the Introduction of Concrete Slabs

At Pretect, we’re proud to announce the launch of a revolutionary method of constructing transportable commercial buildings on concrete slabs. This innovation brings a number of additional benefits in terms of functionality, durability and aesthetics while retaining the advantages of modular or off-site construction.

Precast concrete floors are a premium solution for buildings that have specific characteristics that would benefit from a concrete slab construction. Precast concrete typically lends itself to long spans as well as high load bearing buildings, facilitating even more flexibility in design. There are also a number of benefits associated with this flooring material including:



  • Concrete slabs are ideal for environments that require disability access. For example, schools, aged care, medical facilities and other buildings that may traditionally have to incorporate ramps that require ongoing maintenance can instead opt for a built in concrete slope.
  • The concrete feature is perfect for buildings that want to minimise acoustics as slabs are a lot quieter than timber floors. This can greatly contribute to a productive and comfortable working and learning environment.


  • Concrete floors are extremely resistant to impact, weathering and abrasion, making them cheaper and easier to maintain.
  • A high fire-resistance factor makes concrete a great safety feature for your building, particularly if your business is working with flammable materials.
  • The feeling of standing on “firm ground” is the strongest ever with an unwavering concrete slab.


  • By installing thermal mass under a floor, the energy rating of a building can be significantly increased. Precast concrete preserves energy and minimises the effect of temperature change on heating and cooling systems, resulting in significant cost savings.


  • Precast concrete is able to facilitate the design process by eliminating common architectural restrictions. Concrete is a very reactive material that works well with countless designs and other construction materials, so your building plans can be as creative as you wish, while meeting the functional needs of your organisation.
  • Once installed, concrete slabs do not look like an elevated floor, but rather an onsite build. This makes them great for commercial buildings that want to a particular look but also want the benefits of prefabricated construction
  • It’s also possible to incorporate a polished concrete floor that will add a cool and modern feature to your working space and avoid unsightly floor damage and carpet stains at high foot traffic areas.
  • A concrete floor prefab building is relocatable at ground level with no need for ramps or rails.

After working closely with precast concrete experts, we have taken economical and versatile flooring solutions to the next level by combining the outstanding strength-to-weight ratio with fast, trouble-free installation. Our clients still benefit from off-site concrete floor construction and have the option of choosing from additional on-site features and various finishes.