Pretect Launches as a Division of Swanbuild

In over 30 years of delivering high quality modular buildings, Swanbuild has crafted homes and constructed commercial buildings for a range of families, businesses and institutions. Over these years, expert knowledge and experience has lead Swanbuild to be recognised as a leader in the modular construction industry and inspired an emergence of experts in both the domestic and commercial segments.

The development of the commercial division in particular has produced astounding outcomes and as a result, we are proud to introduce Pretect, a division of Swanbuild dedicated to specialising in commercial buildings.

Pretect focuses on delivering all of the elements of prefabricated commercial buildings, from planning to complete specialised products and services. This exciting new division will draw on the experience and resources of Swanbuild’s successful modular home business and utilise the personnel and network to deliver superior commercial solutions.

At Pretect- your business will benefit from the best of Swanbuild!


swanbuild-pretect-narrowOur New Brand 


Although Swanbuild and Pretect are now officially separate divisions, our team of professionals has created an operating system that combines all of their respective strengths and forms an experienced, financially secure and professional powerhouse to deliver exactly the building you need, wherever and whenever you need it.

As a dedicated division of Swanbuild, Pretect is committed to fulfilling their mission:

To deliver optimal solutions to every client through effective communication at every stage, excellence & innovation in design, and the creation of an easy & enjoyable experience from design to delivery (and beyond).

Pretect will continue to share Swanbuild’s traditional values and will uphold the principles of:

  • Focusing on and delivering customer satisfaction
  • Delivering on Promises
  • Friendliness and Family Values
  • Respect of Staff and Customers
  • Loyalty, Integrity and Transparency

Pretect will deliver everything from industrial to medical buildings while Swanbuild focuses purely on building beautiful modular homes. Customers of both Swanbuild and Pretect will continue to enjoy the benefits of our modular construction method, including faster build time, minimal site disruption, less waste, fewer weather delays and higher safety conditions.

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