Pretect’s Modular Solutions revolutionise the way we build

The rapid evolution and development within prefabricated building technology also extends to the planning and process practices now used. Consider the engineering strategy of the “world car”; designed to suit multiple markets, assembled from standardised parts and using the cost savings to provide global consumers with a superior product in terms of quality, appeal and performance. That same thinking is now applied in the prefab modular building industry, by both builders and customers, alike.

Recently, Pretect Commercial Modular Buildings completed a Community Care facility for the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). What set this project apart were the planning and procurement processes used to deliver a number of locally unique facilities, across Victoria, in the most efficient, cost-effective manner.

Applying the lessons of “world car” thinking, DHHS provided a standard design of 8 different modules (A-H) which could be configured in infinite permutations to suit each site and community location. Prefab builders were asked to quote separately on: build price per module, transport and installation with the understanding that a number of different prefab builders may supply different parts of the whole project.

The requisite number and schedule of modules were then delivered and installed according to the various individual site plans. This resulted in a distinctive response to each community need and provided optimal site utility across variable locations.

Pretect's modular solution

In Pretect’s case, we manufactured a series of Modules: including studios, as well as one- and two-bedroom units. Additionally, we supplied modules which were used as connecting joiners to link the modules on site.

In summary, Pretect’s improved planning and efficient prefabrication processes achieved well-designed, functional buildings, installed on a variety of sites with considerable time and cost benefits for DHHS.