There’s Modular and Modular – know the difference…

It is now commonly appreciated that prefabricated modular construction delivers a range of beneficial outcomes for consumers.  Rated highly are the: speed, safety, sustainability, quality, advanced design technologies and value when compared with traditional stick-build construction. However, as the benefits of Prefabricated Modular Construction become more widely known, there also comes a caveat for potential purchasers – you need to know which modular methodology will best meet your needs!

A simple illustration using kitchen manufacturing shows the different modular methodology available.

Long gone are the days when skilled tradesmen came to your house and built the kitchen, to your design, within your new or existing home. Now, equally skilled cabinet makers and designers prefabricate your kitchen in their factory and deliver it in modular form for installation. Depending upon your requirements, you may choose a fully customized kitchen entirely manufactured to your specifications. You might opt for a design determined by cost or your cooking preferences or even how long you intend living in the home. Alternately, you could purchase a series of generic, prefab, flatpack modules from a well-known hardware or furnishing chain; then assemble and install them yourself. The breadth of manufacturing ensures availability of a product for every taste, purpose and price point.

Likewise, the prefab modular building industry offers a broad range of products to satisfy differing market needs and customer requirements.

Pretect specialise in Permanent Modular Construction which combine all the advantages of prefabrication in a building indistinguishable from an insitu built project.

Another modular building methodology is transportable buildings, prefabricated and engineered for regular relocation from site to site.

Other methodologies take into consideration if the prefab buildings are designed for short term or temporary use, some for specific locations and climate conditions.

As prefabrication technologies continue to evolve, some companies use a hybrid of methodologies to meet the end use or budget.

So how do you know which method is best for your needs?

When purchasing any manufactured goods:

  1. be mindful of your purpose,
  2. do your research
  3. buy the best quality for your budget,
  4. seek out a trusted brand and
  5. define your exact needs so as to receive the best return on your investment.

Pretect are happy to assist prospective clients filter through the numerous possibilities, explain the options and ensure the best solution for their needs. Pretect pride themselves on the time they spend clarifying the brief, establishing project parameters then selecting the appropriate methodology to guarantee years of satisfaction with your choice.